A little about how I record, mix and master my songs.

My setup depends on the song, but it’s always me on vocals and guitars. Bass is me or computer generated using GuitarPro. Drums are computer generated from my patterns, using GuitarPro or a ZOOM RT-223 drum machine.

Korg D888

To record tracks, I use a Korg D888 8-track hard disk recorder. This creates a set of wave files which I read into a PC. On the PC I use Reaper (a DAW program) to mix and master the recorded tracks, adding effects as required. Tracks can either be burned onto CD or written as mp3 files to be played back on a PC, iPod, etc.


Live Performances

When I play solo live, simple stuff is just me and a guitar. If I want Bass and Drums I have them on backing tracks, created as above.

I also sometimes support bands with technical and sound engineering, etc. e.g. Viewpark Praise Band (which I also play in) and Shoogleroon.

Shoogleroon at Rhoderick Dhu, Glasgow